Posted are some frequently asked questions for your convenience.  Scroll  through the complete list. For any other questions you may have please contact Cleaver.

What happens after I place my order?
Cleaver will:
1. Ensure all items are available.
2. Contact you to verify your order, ensure cut specifications, and packaging requirements.
Your order will then be prepared and cut fresh to your specification prior to delivery. For both quality and accuracy, your order is cut & checked personally by Cleaver. Your order is vacuumed packed fresh and boxed for delivery. Cleaver will then deliver your order to you between the hours of 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. on the Thursday of each week.

Are all items available all the time?
Product is ordered in fresh each Tuesday however, on occasion some items may take an extra day or two to receive from suppliers pending grade requested and you will be notified immediately if your order is affected. Since we are dealing with fresh products, Cleaver does not maintain an unlimited inventory but rather sells to order only.

Are all the items fresh?
Our beef, veal, pork, Ontario lamb and poultry are cut fresh to order.

What are your order & delivery days and times?
Orders must be placed on or before 6:59 a.m. Tuesday of each week for delivery the following Thursday between the hours of 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. of the same week.

What is your delivery area?
Cleaver’s delivery area is restricted to the M6P & M6S (Forward Sortation Area) however for events and other special occasions that require delivery outside of these FSA's, please email or call Cleaver to discuss your requirements.

What happens if I'm not at home when my order arrives?
See Delivery Policy

What is the minimum order and delivery charge?
Cleaver's weekly minimum order is 10 lbs. of combined product per order. Delivery is FREE!

What methods of payment do you have?
Online transactions is offered for my service only.  C.O.D. and pre-authorized credit terms are only authorized by Cleaver. Actual charges for order placed is based on the actual weight +/- to the nearest ordered weight. To the best of my ability I estimated that you should assume a 15% +/- variance. Your account will be debited or credited on delivery reflecting the actual weight. (See Refund & Pricing Policy.)

Where does your meat come from and is it safe?
All products come from federal government inspected plants and a H.A.C.C.P. recognized supplier for food safety and protection.  Cleaver's business is providing the best quality and freshest beef, veal, pork, Ontario Lamb, and poultry. Each product on our product list has its origin and grading identified in accordance with government standards when ordered.

How does your pricing compare to other retailers?
From time to time Cleaver checks pricing at major supermarkets and local butchers. Major supermarkets are not considered a competitor simply based on a quality and service comparison. Comparatively, I have positioned myself significantly lower on a $/lb. basis with that of local butchers and specialty retail outlets offering the equivalent grade quality, however, I offer higher quality grades than most, my product is fresher, and offer a process with a greater degree of food safety protection by handling your order once & vacuum packaging. Farm-to-fork! I can often save you more than $2.00/lb. - $4.00/lb. on most products by eliminating the retail outlet and overhead costs incurred by local butchers.

What if I'm not sure about the size or item I need?
You can either e-mail or call Cleaver before placing your order.

What should I do with my order once I have received it?
Your order will be double checked with you on delivery. After that, you can cook, refrigerate (1 to 4 degrees) or freeze your order. Your order will be vacuumed packaged to your specification so no additional packaging will be required. If freezing (indefinitely), simply remove from the freezer, place unopened package in cold water and in approximately 20 minutes your meat or poultry will be as fresh as the day it was cut.

Can I arrange for delivery at work?
Unfortunately you cannot however, for larger functions, events, or other special occasions, please contact Cleaver to discuss your needs.


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